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Who are we?

TAM (TuesdayAfternoon Media Inc.) is a strategy and learning solutions agency working across disciplines, sectors and cultures, to propel people and organizations forward.

We bring the joy of learning to people and organizations. Through transformative experiences, we use learning design as a powerful tool for organizational development and behaviour change.

Learning leads to change. Change leads to growth. Let TAM help you get there.

We Take Ideas Further

We're dedicated to going beyond the ordinary, and we know you are too. Let's create remarkable solutions together.

We help you excel and achieve your most ambitious goals. To get you there, we go deep - spending time researching, recognizing the trends, strategizing and conceptualizing with new ideas to bring insightful concepts and approaches to your learning challenges and goals.

We Create Extraordinary Learning Solutions

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Whether your ideas are barely formed or fully mapped out, we can turn them into learning solutions that wow your people and move your business forward.

By showing up with curiosity, listening intently, and collaborating with purpose we are able to design and build comprehensive and implementable strategies that lead to extraordinary solutions.

We are a start-to-finish company. For us, building starts as soon as you say, "I think we have a problem". By the end, you will have a fully developed, custom solution - whether it's a learning needs assessment, action plan, a design, e‑Learning module, virtual or in-person facilitated course... we can create it.

We Partner With You

We are in it for the long haul.

We work hard to understand your culture, your learners and your business needs. We take the time to build a relationship with you so that we can tailor strategies to your unique vision and create learning that truly makes an impact.

We pride ourselves on being problem solvers and partners, not just a vendor. A source of pride for us is when we are told that you view us as an extension of your team.

Our Services

Do you have a problem to solve or a learning and development idea you want to try out?

We ground everything we do in pure and applied research, so that we have a deep understanding of trends and opportunities coming your way, best emerging practices and technologies, and the environment in which you work. How far we go depends on what you need.

Our research also involves understanding and connecting to your learners - what motivates them, where and how they work, and what behaviours and practices will help them be most successful.

Our research is used for:

  • Environmental & TAM Trend Scans
  • Learning Needs Assessments
  • Learner Profiles
  • Benchmarking
  • We believe wholeheartedly that people support what they create, so we've built our entire way of consulting around this belief. Using human-centred design principles, we clearly establish what success looks like, what matters most to you, and how to get there. We couple this with expert, customized and detail-oriented project management so that you are always engaged, and perfectly clear on where we are and what's coming next.

  • Focus Groups and Interviews
  • Design Sprints
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Facilitated tools (like LEGO¬© Serious Play)
  • Strategy Jams
  • Strategy is at the heart of what we do. Depending on what you need, we can either use tried and true business techniques, or introduce you to a proven TAM tool or approach. We have a wealth of experience on our team - people who are certified design thinkers, strategists, curriculum developers and creative problem-solving practitioners.

    Look to us for:

  • Strategic Planning & Action Planning
  • TAM Strategy Jam
  • Learning Experience Design
  • Program Architecture & Visual Program Mapping
  • Learning Needs Assessment
  • Learner Profiles & Journey
  • Assessment Strategies & Evaluation/Data
  • We deliver performance-based learning solutions, supporting every stage of the training process. Our program design & development services can include a wide range of offerings.

    Some of our award-winning solutions have included:

  • Instructional Design Plans
  • Web-based Training
  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Virtual-Led Training
  • Onboarding program
  • Train the Trainers (TTTs) & Coaching Toolkits
  • TAM can provide master facilitation for groups of all sizes, either in-person or virtual. We customize the way we lead groups to make each session memorable and goal-focused, blending activities so participants leave feeling like their time was well spent.

    Creativity is at our core. We can customize, gamify and personalize your strategy, all while bringing an impactful and creative lens that is built with accessibility in mind. Wherever your technology needs land, we will support you; in data capture and analysis, multi-language builds, storyboard development, and AI integrations. We can demonstrate, support, and guide you through a co-design journey.

    About Us

    TAM is a woman-owned and award-winning learning design firm with a reputation for solving complex training challenges across enterprise organizations globally.

    TAM has the unique ability to build compelling learning solutions that exceed performance expectations and honour your organization's brand and culture. Our extraordinary team of learning professionals will wrap ourselves around your processes, your technology and requirements so the solution is unquestionably yours.

    We stay true to our values in everything we do - in the relationships that we build, the solutions we design and our practices right here at TAM.

    In identifying the "TAM way" we defined our values that mean a whole bunch to us:

    Tracy Sicard

    Owner, CEO and Head of Customer Experience

    People First

    We keep you at the center of what we do.


    Innovate with Intent

    We solve the problems that matter most.


    Deliver Magic

    We make something incredible out of anything.


    Create Joy

    Our people, practices, and partnership can all create joy.